Nature's little helpers

Published 2018
Koppert has joined forces with CABI to support the advancement of agriculture and biological solutions for smallholder farmers in developing countries. The company has operated as a content partner with CABI since July 2016.

Educational programme for 8-10 year old schoolkids
The Koppert Foundation supports ‘Nature’s little helpers’ project. This educational programme was developed in 2017 by Koppert Biological Systems in honour of the company’s 50-year jubilee and was compiled in collaboration with the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre.

The programme allows children (8-10 years) to be amazed and inspired by nature. By acquainting themselves with bumblebees and their pollination, tiny insects and their usefulness in nature, and the story of farmer Dennis’s diseased sweet pepper plants, children are introduced to the amazing power of nature. All this while using the childrens’ lunch box or break snack as a starting point and learning what comes from nature and what does not. Active learning is central. What makes the programme unique is its authenticity: children get to plant seeds, there is a preserved bumblebee in the package, and they go on an outdoor expedition to see tiny living insects.

In 2018, the programme will be promoted at schools and Nature and Environmental Education organizations in the Netherlands. The NME organizations serve regional primary schools with teaching material about nature and the environment.

The objective of this programme is to inspire as many children as possible, to make them aware of the usefulness of nature, and influence their attitude and behaviour with regard to nature. This matches Koppert Biological Systems’ company mission: to deal with the planet in a sustainable way, now and in the future.

More information can be found on the website: (so far only in Dutch)