The start

2017 is the year in which Koppert Biological Systems celebrates its 50th anniversary. The perfect moment to fulfill a long-cherished wish to launch the Koppert Foundation. The foundation is a natural extension of the company mission 'to make agriculture healthier, safer and more productive in collaboration with nature'. The mission has already been applied in various projects; with the start of the Koppert Foundation, these initiatives and future projects will have a solid foundation for further growth.

The goal

The Koppert Foundation contributes to the life quality of people and improves their well-being by offering solutions and educational opportunities that will positively influence their social, economic, environmental and health circumstances, as well as stimulating the interaction with their families and local communities. The foundation contributes to sustainable solutions for horticulture and agriculture and improves the health and availability of food and nutrition for those who need it most.

Can you imagine what we can achieve by sharing our knowledge of sustainable agriculture and offering training programmes to farmers who have no or limited access to these farming practices?

Three areas of focus

The Koppert Foundation will focus on three areas:

Smallholder farmers
Farming is easier and more rewarding with the right skills. The Koppert Foundation provides knowledge of sustainable agriculture and contributes towards education and training programmes for farmers who have no or limited access to skills and knowledge of sustainable and profitable farming practices.

The Koppert Foundation contributes to projects that make sustainable farming inputs available and accessible in areas where that is not (yet) taken for granted.

Social responsibility together with Koppert employees
A social work environment is a more joyful work environment. Koppert Biological Systems values and develops not only the work skills of its employees, but also their personal involvement in society. The Koppert Foundation intends to ‘double’ the effect of these public-minded activities through finance, extra hands and support.

Innovation & Education
There are no old roads to new directions. The Koppert Foundation wants to stimulate innovation and education by facilitating those with bright ideas and stimulating the exchange of knowledge.

'We can be 'good' for the planet by inspiring each other at work and sharing what we are doing with our families, communities and the outside world.’

Project board & workgroup

Project board
Peter Jens (education/innovation)
Joke Koppert (social responsibility)
Francien van Epen (secretarial support)

Executive manager
Ed Moerman

Manuelle Bos-Koppert
Johannette Klapwijk
Edwin Muijt
Markus Knapp
Dominique Struijk