Food Garden Rotterdam

Published 2018
The Food Garden was founded in August 2010 in order to supply the Food Bank Rotterdam (that delivers free food packages to low-income households) with fresh and healthy vegetables and fruit. This goal has been achieved and the Food Garden has produced large amounts of vegetables for several years for the food packages distributed by the Food Bank. Everything is homegrown on a vacant lot in Vierhaven in Rotterdam and cultivated by around 45 volunteers. It is one of the few social projects where people with a distance to the labour market are able to produce food for low-income households. Many of the volunteers have indicated that working in the garden makes them feel healthier and gives meaning to their lives. 

The Food Garden thereby performs multiple functions: it’s a food production garden, a learning and practice garden, a sustainable urban garden and an experimental garden with a therapeutic effect. 

The Food Garden supports a sustainable urban society with healthy food for everybody. The Koppert Foundation would like to continue to contribute to this project because it helps to relieve a social welfare need close to our headquarters in Berkel en Rodenrijs.

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