Trees for All is a charity that aims to develop and support projects that contribute to sustainable development and have an economic, ecological and social value for society. 

Published 2018
The Christian Childcare Programme aims to contribute to the development of unprivileged children in Uganda, mainly by child sponsoring and setting up and developing professional education. Recently CCP started a new project: Food for Youth. The aim of this project is to plant fruit trees and firewood trees that are better resistant to climate challenges. The project also includes the establishment of a small-scale greenhouse for the production of vegetables. Staff will be trained in agricultural skills which will benefit them further in life. Koppert has been involved with CCP for a long time. By sponsoring the Food for Youth project, the Koppert Foundation aims to enhance the sustainability of CCP by improving the life standard of the students and spreading the knowledge of intensive farming.

For more information about the CCP project see; You will find more information (in Dutch only at this stage) about the agricultural aspect of the project here.