Koppert Foundation has supported cocoa farmers in Ecuador

Published 2019
The Koppert Foundation supported a cooperative of cocoa farmers in Damas (Ecuador) in 2018 and 2019. The first phase of the project involved the construction of a cocoa processing center.

In addition, training to learn how to grow products sustainably, to achieve a higher production level and to process the produce hygienically into a semi-finished product that has more value than the unprocessed cocoa beans. The second phase involved support for a group of women (the "Choco Damas") to teach them how to process the half-finished product into chocolate. This helps them getting a much higher price for the end product. By taking a larger part of the added value in the chocolate chain, the group achieves a better income with many positive consequences for their standard of living, education of children and health.

The Koppert Foundation cooperated with the NGO World Servants and cooperative Maquita, two organizations that help small farmers and their families to earn a better income through financial support and education.

The financial contribution to the two phases of this project in Ecuador was approximately € 35,000 from the Koppert Foundation. In addition to this, Koppert has supported the cooperative by ordering a substantial amount of chocolate bars. These will be used in the Dutch Koppert staff’s Christmas packages in and promotional gifts for Dutch customers.