IPM training SASPEN project Egypt

Published 2/18/2024
On the invitation of CARE Egypt the Koppert Foundation took part in the SASPEN project, to perform a training in Integrated Pest Management to 40 starting sustainable agribusiness entrepreneurs, all motivated to make the change in Egyptian agriculture. Participants got a deep dive into biological solutions for pest and disease control as well as pollination by bumblebees.

Participants are all dedicated to make the change to sustainable water, waste, soil and pest management and show this in the wide range of wonderful sustainable initiatives within their own business. Field visits to Tulima Farm and BioEgypt showed Integrated Pest Management and natural pollination at work. Tulima Farm is a great example for the future of agriculture in Egypt. Their commitment to sustainability shines through investments in cutting-edge technology like a desalination plant, sandponic systems and a revolutionary 100% circular container system for growing leafy greens. Their organic strawberries and tomatoes look excellent! BioEgypt is producing Phytoseiulus persimilis for the biological control of spider mites and imports other products for biological pest and diseases control and pollination.

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