Koppert Foundation collaborates with EWS-KT to benefit smallholder farmers

Published 3/28/2023
In a new collaboration, Koppert Foundation and East West Seed Knowledge Transfer (EWS-KT) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop and promote biocontrol methods to improve smallholder farmers’ plant health and performance. 

The MOU follows a tour and meeting at Koppert headquarters with EWS-KT management in August last year.  

Partner with nature 
The partnership will combine EWS-KT’s objective of sharing new technical solutions with smallholder farmers, with Koppert Foundation’s objective of contributing to the better health of people and the planet by partnering with nature to make agriculture healthier, safer and more productive.  

East West Seed Knowledge Transfer (EWS-KT) is a not-for-profit organization with unique ties to the East-West Seed Group. Their mission is to provide innovative seeds and services that help improve the livelihood of tropical vegetable farmers and promote sustainable farming and business practices. 

The collaboration will include: 

  • Development of sustainable, nature-based methods to grow healthy and productive crops with minimum input of pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Demonstration of these sustainable methods and implementation of smallholder farmers
  • Development of practical protocols and training/extension materials
  • Education of smallholder farmers on the use of these integrated crop management protocols 

Koppert Foundation has been involved in the development of training materials on pest and disease management for some time and will be setting up pilot schemes in Ghana together with Koppert West Africa. 

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